5 Ways to Take Your Mobile Designs to New Heights

Only using a laptop to create graphic designs is so 2011. These days you can do nearly every design thing you need on the phone that’s always on your person.

So, behold! Here are the five awesome design things that you can do super easily from the PicMonkey mobile app that you never knew you could do and P.S. did we mention that the app is free? (It’s free.)

1. Start from scratch or use a pattern

Ready to put your design hat on? With the PicMonkey mobile app you can start with a canvas that’s presized to fit any and all social channels. Just open the app, tap the blue plus sign and tap Design. From there you can pick from the preset sizes, or enter in your own custom size.

Next, you have the option of picking a pattern. Patterns are totally customizable; you can change their size by zooming in or out, change their orientation by twisting two fingers over the canvas, change the color of the pattern and the background (separately), and change the opacity so that it’s a little (or a lot) faded.

If you don’t want to use a pattern, but you’d like to add a color to your background, tap Color. Now you can choose from our presets or enter in your own custom color by using the color wheel or a hex code.

When you’ve made your choice, tap the blue checkmark in the top right corner.

2. Erase text

Wanna get jaw-dropping, high-end looks? It’s supa easy on mobile. Just tap Text to open the text tool, type your words and place them on your image, then tap Erase and paint off the parts of your text that you don’t want.

3. Curve text

Get bendy with your words using the Curve slider in the Text tool. Try something new by inverting and flip-flopping your text, or easily create great-looking logo designs (if you’re into that sort of thing).

4. Get creative with multi-colored stickers

If you’re looking for a fun way to add cute, customizable graphics to your images, look no further than stickers. We’ve got a nice selection PicMojis (PicMonkey emojis) for you to personalize. To change the look, tap the colored circles that appear in on the screen and pick a new hue from our presets or add a custom color.

5. Add your own stickers

Last up, we’ve got the ability to add your own images to a design. This can include graphics or it can be a photo. This is a great way to add a watermark to a photo, make a pic collage, or to simply ensure that you add the exact right monocle to your face.

Now that you have a sense of some of the fantastic things you’re capable of with PicMonkey mobile, we also wanna let you know that we have snap-to alignment features. Your designs will be pleasantly centered, plus you’ve got the ability to control which layers appear on top of which other layers (peek the up and down arrows on the right-hand side of your screen).

The possibilities are endless with PicMonkey.

Tanya is a copywriter at PicMonkey, a company that has greatly improved her life by allowing her to Zombify her friends and Santa-ify her enemies. A native Seattleite, she dreams of one day being a contestant on The Price Is Right.