How to Crop Photos

Cropping images is an easy way to instantly bring focus to your photos and enhance their look and feel. To crop photos in PicMonkey:

  1. From the PicMonkey homepage, hover over the Edit button and click one of the image source options to open your image.
  2. From the the Basic Edits tab, click Crop. A grid will appear over your photo.
  3. Drag the corner handles to your desired size and shape.
  4. Click Apply , then save the photo. You’re all set!

Crop PicMonkey Photos Edit How to Crop

If you’re looking to crop a photo to a specific purpose (like printing photos) you also have the option to choose one of our presets, which provides the correct shape for numerous printing sizes and social media sharing platforms.

Learn more about cropping photos with our in-depth article, Crop it to me: How to Crop Photos.

Tanya Friedland

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