Design Collaboratively with PicMonkey

PicMonkey is the only image editing & design desktop platform to offer real-time collaboration abilities.
  • Co-edit and design in real-time
  • Organize projects in Shared Spaces
  • Comment directly on files

Multiply your creative powers :

Make better things

Incorporate everyone’s talents and ideas, while learning from one another as you design.

Boost your productivity

Say adios to uploading, downloading, and emailing: Design and distribute in one place.

Work how you wanna work

Create collaborative groups with others—even people who aren’t PicMonkey subscribers.

Real-time collaboration :

Real-time collaboration :

Design together with your team, and experience the efficient magic of co-creation. See others make changes in real time. No need for multiple versions.

Commenting :

Give feedback about a design by commenting directly on the file—place comments over the area you want to discuss. Get notifications about others’ comments.

Commenting :

Shared Spaces :

Shared Spaces :

Invite your team to a Shared Space where you keep all your projects. Set view/copy/contribute status for each team member. Add new people via shareable link.

How to create a Shared Space :

1. Create

In Hub on your desktop create a Shared Space.

2. Upload

Upload and organize images into folders in your space.

3. Invite

Invite others via email or link to join your projects.

4. Design

Design together & leave comments on files

Why PicMonkey :

So much for so little .

It’s the best deal going, with 1000s of graphics, 1000s of sized-right templates, plus filters and fonts galore.

Everything in one place .

Store your designs where you create them. Access and edit from the desktop or our mobile app

Ideas & inspiration included .

Check out our library of articles full of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you in your design journey.

Take a deep dive into collaboration :

How to use PicMonkey's collaboration tools .

A step-by-step tutorial that will have you collaborating in no time.

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PicMonkey teams heart collaboration .

Check out collaboration in action with our social media team!

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Learn how businesses can use collab to level up their output.

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