Add Text to Photos & Video

Add text to images in ways that enhance your brand assets and personal projects—we’ve got what you need. Our tools like drop shadow and curved text put us way ahead of other design platforms. Even use your own fonts!

Add text effects

Whether you want a drop shadow or an inner shadow, PicMonkey has a slider-based tool that handles it all. So when you want to add text to photos or videos, you'll have tons of options to make your text look the best it can be.

Add text effects

Add curved text

Curve your text with two clicks in PicMonkey. It’s as easy (and as circular) as pie. So next time you add text to a photo, give it some curve!

Add curved text >

Erase Text

When you add text to photos, you can get a layered look with the Eraser that’s built into our Text tool. It’s really handy if you want to quickly make text look like it’s behind something.

Erase text

How to add text to photo or video

Open a photo or video

Open a photo or video in the PicMonkey editor.

Add Text

Click Text > Add text to photo or video and choose a font.


Type in the box that appears.


Customize font size, color, text effects, and more.

Why PicMonkey for Adding Text to Photos & Videos

Start Adding Text Now Our intuitive tool lets you start adding text, captions and making spectacular designs immediately, regardless of your creative experience

Made for every skill Start with ready-made templates, and when you want to stretch your design muscles, use our feature-rich tools to make custom images from scratch. Even upload your own fonts.

Access to Fonts and Text Masks All you’ll ever need and no add-on purchases. All for less than you’d pay for complicated photo-editing software. Hundreds of free fonts and images.

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Learn how adding text to photo or video can improve your designs

Protect your work with a watermark

Use a custom watermark to claim your fab photos.

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Break the mold with text masking

Fill text with an image for a fresh, exciting look.

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Make your text stand out

Get noticed with the trifecta of text effects.

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Adding text is just the beginning