Retouch Photos Like a Pro

Remove red eye, airbrush blemishes, whiten teeth, and more — our magic face editor does it all.

Blemish Fix and Wrinkle Remover

Go light on touch ups with Blemish Fix and Wrinkle Remover, for when you still wanna look like you.

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Airbrush and digital makeup

Have a ball will digital makeup and achieve wild beauty looks with our hair and eye color changer.

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Edit here, finish there

We get your busy lifestyle. Start on the desktop and finish on mobile. Or vice versa!

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How to retouch photos with PicMonkey


Open your portrait in PicMonkey.

Touch it up

Select the touch up tool you want to use, then apply it on specific areas of your photo.


Adjust the sliders and play with the color options to get the perfect look, then click Apply.


Share your beautifully edited photo with the masses!

Take it further

One-touch touch up

Get instant photo retouching when you use Presto, available on PicMonkey mobile.

Touch up magic
Airbrush skin

Banish blemishes and furrowed brows with our photo retouching tools.

Get dewy skin
Eye color changer

Brighten your iris’ hue or go dark for some drama.

Eye eye
Retouch photos for a natural face tune